Sahanlahti restaurants are artisanrestaurants

We have three restaurants in Sahalahti where we make wonderful taste experiences from local producers’ products and good ingredients on the shores of Lake Saimaa. I’m sure there’s something for everyone on reastaurant Koskivahti à la carte list or in summer restaurant Rantamakasiini burgers.

Good food tells a genuine story

Every visit to Sahanlahti restaurant is a tale in itself, a unique series of events formed from hidden details. The most important of these details are the high-quality, fresh and local products. Our story is essentially shaped by the combination of wholesome ingredients and the skilful people who grow and provide them. The dedication of the producers, our own sense of responsibility, and the ethical standards of the operations as a whole can be clearly seen, and tasted. Our story starts with individuals–enthusiastic and sincere people who take their own work and products very seriously. We hope that each and every one of our customers can happily experience their own story. The main focus is on food, drink, the service, and the people behind the whole experience: the historic milieu, the beautiful Saimaa landscape, and the relaxed atmosphere. This is definitely a story that you will want to pass on. We wish all our visitors a wonderful time!

The D.O. Saimaa label is about high-quality and clean products from the Saimaa region.


Summer restaurant